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Big Game Hunting Around the World by Anthony Sages

February 28, 2011

by Anthony Sages

I have gone on big game hunts across the globe, and the experience varies considerably depending on the terrain, the types of animals being hunted, and the equipment used for the excursion. You can chase big game with anything from a crossbow to elephant guns loaded with nitro express cartridges. But regardless of how you hunt, you should first research the different regions of the world particularly known for their big game.

In South America, hunting enthusiasts enjoy Argentina for big game hunting opportunities. Some of the species are native to the region while others are imported. Argentina features a wide range of landscapes, so you will find different animals in the plains area near Buenos Aires than you will in the mountains of Patagonia or the tropical brushes of the north. Each of the provinces in the Argentine republic sets its own rules for hunting, so you can virtually pursue the sport year-round, depending on which province you visit. Just make sure to check the local licensing rules first. Some of the species you can find in Argentina include water buffalo, Russian boar, several types of stags and deer, ibex, and pumas.

The island nation of New Zealand also boasts a reputation for fantastic big game hunting. Most of the game in this location was brought over by settlers from other parts of the world; native species predominantly consist of birds such as the kiwi. Due to a lack of natural predators, many of the imported species have reproduced extensively, and game overpopulation poses a problem for local farming and wildlife conservation. As such, you can find plenty of opportunities to chase your big game of choice in New Zealand.

Of course, no discussion of big game hunting hotspots would be complete without mentioning Africa. Across the continent, innumerable opportunities for hunting exist. Enthusiasts talk about the “Big Five” hunting species: elephant, lion, leopard, cape buffalo, and rhinoceros. These are not only large game animals but also very dangerous prey to hunt, increasing the thrill of the chase. For the first-time African game hunter, numerous companies offer safari packages, including Big Five hunting trips. The diversity of hunting in Africa is so great that professional guidance makes a big difference. Consider a reputable group, such as Safari Club International, if you are not sure where to start.

by Anthony Sages

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