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Surfing Tips from Anthony Sages

June 2, 2011

1.    Be sure to start off with the right gear. Generally speaking, a smaller board will be harder to maneuver and stand up on when you are first learning, so find a lesson center or rental store that can provide a longer and wider surfboard for those first lessons.

2.    Consider your surf leash length. The length of your leash should be at least as long as your board. Any shorter, and you risk getting hit in the head by your board when you fall in the water.

3.    It will take a few tries to figure out the proper stance on your board. You will know when you are too far forward if the front tip of the board continues to sink under the water as you try to paddle into the wave. If you are too far back on the board, it will be difficult for you to gain speed as you paddle forward.

4.    Always paddle with one arm at a time in order to gain a constant and powerful speed. Keep paddling until you feel the wave is pushing you forward. Many individuals quit paddling too soon, and as a result, the wave passes under them. Paddle strong and hard to catch the wave.

5.    Learn the patterns of the swell to determine the best “paddle in” points. Generally you will find that you can follow the lead of other surfers, but be careful not to paddle into waves that are too powerful for your skill level.

6.    To stand up on the board, practice getting up in one swift motion, using your arm strength to lift yourself from the paddle position to your standing position. Keep low on the board with your knees bent and feather forwards or backwards for optimal placement.

About the Author:
Anthony Sages currently serves as the Divisional President and Chief Sales Officer of AXA Advisors, LLC. Committed to his career in the financial arena, Anthony Sages also finds time to enjoy a number of hobbies, including surfing, extreme skiing, and big game hunting. Anthony Sages remains a top preforming executive and believes that a well-balanced lifestyle contributes to a highly fulfilling professional and personal existence.

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