About Anthony Sages

Anthony Sages has spent his entire 28-year career at AXA Financial Inc., where he has risen steadily in rank and responsibility. Although staying with one company is an unusual career trajectory in the financial industry, Anthony Sages has achieved this with award-winning performances in many different divisions of the company.

Currently, Anthony Sages serves as Divisional President and Chief Sales Officer of AXA Advisors LLC, the broker/dealer and retail distribution arm of AXA Financial Inc. As Chief Sales Officer, Anthony Sages oversees over 7,000 financial professionals in 2 divisions and 70 branches. His career with AXA Financial Inc. started in 1983 when Anthony Sages joined the firm as a Financial Advisor working directly with clients. He received a promotion to Divisional Vice President in 1985 and shifted to recruiting and training new financial advisors. After four years as a Divisional Vice President, Anthony Sages advanced to Divisional Executive Vice President with expanded responsibilities.

Over the next ten years, Anthony Sages was promoted twice more and became General Manager and Executive Vice President of the New York Division until he was appointed the Divisional President of the Northern Division. Anthony Sages accepted a position as Chief Sales Officer and Divisional President at AXA Advisers LLC in 2007. With each promotion, his job duties expanded and became more strategically oriented. AXA has given Anthony Sages many awards over the years in recognition of his excellent managerial skills.

Anthony Sages received a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga in 1981; he went on to acquire an M.B.A. from the same school in 1983 before joining AXA. Anthony Sages lives in Soho, New York, with his Great Dane and loves to travel to destinations such as the Greek islands and the US Virgin Islands. Anthony Sages also enjoys big game hunting in Africa and North America.

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