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Top Surfing Destinations Around the World

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
Jeffrey’s Bay may possibly stand out as the most popular surfer destination in the world. Immortalized in the film Endless Summer, Jeffrey’s Bay boasts long, perfectly shaped waves, providing many with the surf session of a lifetime. Most popular in the winter months, between June and August, Jeffrey’s Bay has experienced rapid expansion from the influx of tourists and visiting surfers as well as a number of surf competitions, such as the well-publicized Billabong Pro, one of the most prestigious surf competitions in the industry.

Bali, Indonesia
For avid surfers, Indonesia represents the ultimate surfer’s paradise. Imagined by many as a quiet island with an abundance of un-crowded wave spots, Bali fulfills the desire for tropical escapism, cultural submergence, and a sun-filled vacation time. While many are surprised at the sheer volume in which surfers flock to this destination, others do find places of serene solitude with private beach time and solo wave sessions; it’s simply a matter of planning accordingly.

Gold Coast, Australia
Located in Queensland, Australia, situated on the Northeastern portion of the continent, the Gold Coast has long been recognized as one of the most sought after surf destinations in the world. Blessed with generous amounts of sun, sand, and scenic coastline, the Gold Coast is actually a city, with nearly 600,000 residents, making it the 6th largest city within Australia. With beaches like Surfer’s Paradise and The Spit, it’s not hard to see why the region attracts so many surfers from around the world.

About the Author:
Anthony Sages serves as the Chief Sales Officer and Divisional President for AXA Advisors, LLC. In his free time, Anthony Sages enjoys surfing, skiing, and running, which help him to remain balanced and full of energy. Anthony Sages lives in New York City and also takes advantage of travel opportunities whenever possible. He hopes to visit his dream surfing destinations in the near future.